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Jelly Bean Taffy

Sweet's Taffy is the leader in the candy world because it is soft, non-sticky and full of flavor. Sweet's Taffy comes in a number of colors and flavors to choose from, giving you an assortment of ways to use and enjoy the candy.
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Sweet’s Jelly Bean Taffy is a tart assortment of pastel taffy perfect for Easter Baskets or candy bowls! Factory fresh from our manufacturing facility, Sweet's has been making its iconic taffy for more than 7 decades.

  • Flavor: Grape, Cherry, Lemon, Orange, and Green
  • Color: Lavender, Red, Yellow, Orange, and Green
  • Great for crafting, gifting, candy buffets, weddings, showers, display, themes
  • Easter Themed
  • Value Pack
  • Approximately 54 Pieces per bag.
  • Amount: 14 oz. Wrapped
  • Individually Wrapped Pieces
  • Gluten Free
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